05, Feb, 2021
Financial aid for the purchase of real estate: assisted loans

Financial aid for the purchase of real estate: assisted loans

To acquire a home, a large majority of us opt for home loans. This loan may be supplemented by one or more aids. Their obtaining depends on our place of residence, our resources or the composition of our home. Want to know more about the help available in the context of a mortgage? The comparator Macbeth.fr informs you!

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  1. The zero interest loan
  2. The housing action loan
  3. The loan agreement
  4. Housing savings loan
  5. Other helpers
  6. Seek help from your family
  7. Access the property with the online comparator

The zero interest loan

interest loan

It is possible to take advantage of the loan at zero rates or PTZ when acquiring its first principal residence. The amount of the PTZ varies according to the income of the borrower but also the geographical area concerned by the purchase of the property. The zero-rate loan only Macbeth part of the housing, it is supplemented by a mortgage and sometimes a personal contribution.

To take advantage of the PTZ, the borrower must acquire a new or old property but with work.

The housing action loan

housing loan

The housing equity loan is reserved for employees of companies adhering to the CIL (Interprofessional Housing Committee). It can be granted for the purchase of a new or old home, however, the energy performance of housing must be good.
The loan concerns only the principal residence of the employee. It is between € 7,000 and € 25,000 depending on the geographical area but must not exceed 30% of the total amount of the acquisition.

The loan agreement

The loan agreement

The loan agreement is a home loan that Macbeth some or all of the project. It is granted by an organization that has signed an agreement with the State and is subject to means tests. The loan agreement can be supplemented by a help such as the PTZ, the loan housing action or the housing savings loan.

Housing savings loan

savings loan

The home savings loan is a loan granted when the home savings plan comes to an end. The loan offer must then be advantageous for the borrower who also receives a premium paid by the State.

Other helpers

In addition to the aids mentioned above, there are several assisted loans such as:

  • Loans for civil servants,
  • Loans offered by supplementary and mutual retirement pension schemes,
  • Loans granted by the family allowance funds which are intended for low-income households.

Seek help from your family

Seek help from your family

When you have a real estate project, you can also ask for help from family members. This approach is very practiced but must be done legally. Indeed, if a loan is granted between people of the same family, it is recommended to make an acknowledgment of debt with the tax office. So the loan will not be taken for a donation.

Access the property with the online comparator

Access the property with the online comparator

Want to become an owner? With Macbeth.fr you can compare independently the offers of mortgage loans but also take knowledge of the various existing help and see if you can benefit. Thus, you will enjoy the best conditions to realize your projects and acquire the house of your dreams.