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As part of the activities of the 20 anniversary of the province of Santo Domingo, from Friday to Sunday, from 6:00 p.m., the presentation of the Fradique Lizardo International Folk Festival will continue, with the participation of delegations from five countries.

During the event, which takes place at the Parada de la Cultura, in Santo Domingo Este (next to Los Tres Ojos Park), the “Ancestral Musical Instruments” exhibition is presented, where visitors can learn about traditional Dominican instruments such as the tambora, güira, maraca, accordion, snail, catalia, drum, fututo, rattle and mayohuacán.

Among the activities to be carried out from this Friday to next Sunday are the presentation of the group Congos del Espíritu Santo, Grupo Pasión Caribe, from Colombia, the Paleros de Mandinga, the Folk Tourism Ballet, the Grupo de Soneros de Manoguayabo, Grupo Raíces, Ballet Folclórico Guateque, from Puerto Rico and B allet Folclórico Nacional.

In addition, on Saturday 22, the La Caleta Palos Group, the Danzante Popular Theater, the UASD Folk Ballet, the artistic delegation of Cuniburo will perform. Cultural, from Ecuador, the Folkloric Ballet of the National District, the Sarandunga Group, from Baní, and the artistic delegation Huitzilli Mitonani, from Mexico.

While to culminate with the folk festival, this Sunday will end with the presentation of the National Dance School, the Folkloric Ballet Cruz Araujo, the delegation Gnaoua Souss for Creativity Art, from Morocco, Eneroliza and his group of salves and the Cocolo Danzante Theater (Los Guloyas), all to be held at the Parada de la Cultura, in front of the Parque del Este.

The event aims to promote the importance for young people of keeping these traditions alive and with them the national cultural identity.

The International Folk Festival is dedicated to one of the greatest researchers and promoters of Dominican folklore: Fradique Lizardo, who has studied, analyzed and published most of the traditional expressions of the country, highlighting their geographical, temporal, musical, social and dance.

Born in Santo Domingo on August 2, 1930, Fradique Lizardo was a folklorist, essayist and researcher, being the most enthusiastic of his kind in the country.

When he left in 1997, he left a legacy of documents of great value, which constitute the Fradique Lizardo Fund of Dominican Folklore, recognized in 2014 as “Heritage of Latin American and Caribbean memory” by UNESCO.

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