First open folk song, folk fusion contest held in Khuzama



Guests and organizers at the All Nagaland Open Folk Song and Folk Fusion Competition at Khuzama Village.

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Kohima, November 5 (EMN): As a first step, an all-Nagaland open folk song and folk fusion competition with participants from across the state was held at Khuzama Village on Saturday under the theme “Prism of Possibilities”.

Advisor to the Chief Minister, Abu Metha, said the event was a flagship program of the Nagaland government’s Task Force for Music and Arts (TaFMA). The event will take place every year, bringing Khuzama into the state music map. He expressed hope that the event would serve as a platform for participants from within and out of the state in the years to come.

He said that the rich cultural heritage of the Nagas is a gift from God.

“Outsiders recognize us by our rich Naga heritage. The Hornbill Festival brings together all the Naga people and the world comes to Nagaland to celebrate with us.

“In this regard, every citizen of the southern village (Angami) is an ambassador of Nagaland when he comes to this region. The impression of the Naga people starts from the region,” he observed while adding that they have a “tremendous responsibility” as the way they present themselves to outsiders is a reflection of the whole Naga. .

He further advised the elders to have an open mind to create prospects and opportunities for the youths to reach greater heights.

TaFMA Councilor Theja Meru said the event was “unique” and the first of its kind in the state. Speaking about TaFMA’s initiative, he said artists in the state are called and invited to perform around the world through cultural exchange programs and events. As a department, he said they would try to expand the network and provide an artist with the avenues and platforms to perform. He added that Khuzama can become a real center of culture and youth.

In solo folk fusion, Seyiekolo Bio came out on top, Yope Sale took second place, and Pelevotuo Paul took third place.

For the solo folk song, Vilazonuo Rutsa was the winner while Nesakholü Dawhuo and Kekhüvi took second and third place respectively.

The Tikhir Folk Fusion won the folk fusion group while Simini came in second place. For the group folk song, Tsahoro kro was the winner and Thenyizu cultural group came second.

In the under-12 category, Thejariano was first, Khrietsinuo and Kehovinü second and third respectively.

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