Folk Song Society of Greater Boston Presentation Concert in Watertown

Windborne will perform in Watertown on September 17.

The following announcement was made by the Folk Song Society of Greater Boston:

The Folk Song Society of Greater Boston is thrilled to present the highly acclaimed vocal group Windborne at a live concert in Watertown on Saturday, September 17 at 7 p.m.

Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. at Watertown First Ward, 35 Church Street, Watertown, MA. There will be general admission of $20 cash and all children 17 and under are free. Tickets can only be purchased at the door. The place is handicapped accessible.

COVID-19 special rules:

  • All participants must affirm that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including as many boosters as you are entitled to. (We use the honor system; no need to show the vax card at the door.) This will be done at the door when you pay for admission.
  • All attendees must wear masks for the duration of the event. No refreshments will be served, so there is no need to remove masks.

Windborne’s captivating show draws on the singers’ deep roots in vocal harmony traditions, while the absolute uniqueness of their artistic approach brings old songs into the present. Renowned for their innovative arrangements, their harmonies are bold and anything but predictable.

With 20 years of experience studying polyphonic music around the world, Lauren Breunig, Jeremy Carter-Gordon, Lynn Rowan and Will Rowan share a vibrant energy on stage with a mix of voices that can only come from decades of friendship. and dedicated practice. The ensemble swings effortlessly between radically different styles of music, taking their audience on a journey that crosses continents and centuries, illuminating and expanding on the profound power and variation of the human voice. The singers educate while entertaining, sharing stories about their songs and explaining the background and characteristics of the styles in which they sing.

BBC Traveling Folk describes Windborne as “subverting expectations and redefining the genre…absolutely phenomenal!” Audiences and critics praise the singers not only for their technical mastery, but also for the passion, commitment and connection with each other and with the audience that imbues each performance with a rare power.

But there is another crucial dimension of Windborne that guides and grounds their artistry. They embrace folk music‘s longstanding alliance with social activism, labor and civil rights, and other movements that stand up for the oppressed, poor, and excluded. Their latest project, Of Hard Times & Harmony, explores themes of social awareness, singing in four languages ​​and showcasing the depth of emotion their voices can evoke, as well as moments of genuine hilarity and wit.

The band is committed to bringing vocal traditions to younger audiences, and over the past year has found surprisingly viral success on TikTok for genres as unlikely as Corsican polyphony or early workers’ anthems. of the XXth century.

For more information: 781-227-7500 or

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