From TRS MP to Monkeys Everyone Dances to Bullettu Bandi Folk Song


The private song Bullettu Bandi has taken Telangana state by storm with everyone dancing to a catchy tune. Whether it’s social media reels or short social media video clips, from weddings to parties, everyone is having fun with this song and sharing their videos.

Another interesting fact is that the catchy melody also caught the attention of the animals. Reports state that a baby langur monkey is so addicted to Bullettu Bandi’s song that he only drinks milk when the song is playing on the mobile.

This was shared on social media by a user from Kambalapally village in Mahabubabad district of Telangana.

Apparently the villagers found an orphan monkey and while they were trying to give him milk, he did not take the milk at first. But after the song was released on video, the monkey started to take an interest in the song and finished off a whole bottle of milk. We know music heals, but of course that’s on a different level.

The song is so popular that on Wednesday TRS MP Maloth Kavitha was seen dancing on stage at the wedding of TRS leader Muthyam Venkanna’s son in Mahabubabad. The MP danced with the bride and groom to the popular song Bullet Bandi on stage. And was also joined by family members of the newlyweds who rocked a leg with MP TRS on stage.

Bullettu Bandi’s song was hugely popularized after a bride named Sai Shriya danced to the song during her wedding. The video went viral for her not cute steps with her husband at the wedding procession, which she ended up receiving an offer from the company that produced the song!

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