‘Horsebath’ kicks off Halifax Urban Folk Festival


The Halifax Urban Folk Festival returns to the Carleton this weekend and a Halifax-based band is ready to kick off the week-long party.

Horsebath is made up of songwriting duo Daniel Connolly from Guysborough Intervale, Nova Scotia and Keast Mutter from Ontario, along with musician Etienne Beausoleil.

“Keast and I are the band’s writers and we’re the band’s founders,” Connolly said in an interview with CTV News to Five’s Katie Kelly. “We play guitar. Keast is electric, I play acoustic and electric, and we both sing lead vocals together in harmony, and Etienne plays bass, electric bass, and guitar. standing base. And he also does backing vocals.”

Connolly and Mutter met while carpooling in 2018 and have been traveling the country ever since, writing songs and entertaining local crowds.

As for why the name Horsebath was chosen, that’s a secret they don’t want to let go.

“It’s one of Canada’s most wanted secrets right now, so we’re actually trying to keep it that way for a little while,” Mutter said.

To date, the band has relied on live performances, but that’s about to change.

The members of Horsebath have almost completed their debut album.

“It’s exciting because it’s kind of a work that we’ve been playing for the last year and we’re excited to release it,” Mutter said.

The group says they are also looking forward to kicking off this year’s Halifax Urban Folk Festival (HUFF) on August 28.

“We’re kicking off the HUFF event and we have three songwriters opening the night, the support acts,” Connolly said.

When it comes to what to expect during a live performance, the band promises to give a good time.

“It’s full of love, fun, dancing and passion,” Connolly explained.

More information about the Halifax Urban Folk Festival can be found on line.

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