How London Folk Tales for Children teaches children about diversity



Anne and Sef with their book. Picture: provided

What inspired you to start your business and how did it start?

Anne: “Our books are published by The History Press, but the inspiration to write them comes from the work Sef and I do in public primary schools in London, sponsored by Everyday Magic – a London-based charity that I set up there. twenty years ago.”

“I believe that children need stories, songs, poetry, theater and games like plants need sun and rain. Our partner schools agree and we have established lasting links with our schools in London.

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What’s the biggest problem everyone should know about right now?

Sef: “That despite apparent differences, were in fact all the same. We are all human. We all experience pain, sadness and joy in our individual accomplishments.

“By working together and sharing the resources and responsibilities of our common planet, we all benefit far more than if we were thinking only of ourselves and what we consider our part of the planet.”

Anne: “The biggest problem everyone should be experiencing right now is that many Londoners, many London children, are facing hardship and poverty no different than what some of the characters in our stories have had to face in Victorian times – the chimney sweep boy, the little girl selling watercress.

London folk tales for children
The book features illustrations by Belinda Evans. Image: Belinda Evans

What is one thing everyone can do to make a positive difference?

Sef: “Keep telling the stories of all who have worked, in whatever way, to make our city and our world the wonderful, diverse, multi-cultural, multi-faith and multi-ability place of welcome and opportunity that he can be.

“It takes people to change the world, but if those people believe that we all have a place here, then everyone will be better off.”

Anne: “What we can all do to make a difference is be aware of the poverty around us and join in any struggle that will share the wealth of our great city with as many people as possible, not with a few. -ones.”

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