Iranian teachers fired after men and women perform Kurdish folk dance together


Seven professors from Iran’s Kermanshah University have been fired after a video of them performing a Kurdish folk dance at a graduation ceremony went viral, angering university officials.

Video of the event, which took place on June 1 but was only recently released, shows several students and professors of both sexes dancing freely on a stage during the ceremony at the western Iranian medical faculty.

The Norwegian Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) reported that the teachers had been fired due to the “mixed Kurdish dance of the students” and the improper wearing of the hijab by the women during the ceremony.

After the video went viral, the university’s public relations department condemned the action, saying it was staged without official permission and went through “red lines.”

Iran is regularly criticized by human rights organizations for suppressing civil rights, religious and personal freedoms, even in private settings.

Police have previously raided events and private gatherings and arrested people for “mixed dancing” and “not wearing a hijab”.

In response to increased government pressure on civil rights, several social media activists promoted a campaign for women to take to the streets in Iranian cities without hijab on July 12.

With writing and reporting by Ardeshir Tayebi

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