Janapriyan Levine Releases New Punjabi Folk Song ‘Mai Teri Tu Mera’


January 21, 2022 5:26 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India]Jan. 21 (ANI/TPT): American producer Janapriyan Levine releases a new Punjabi folk song “Mai Teri Tu Mera” on his official YouTube channel.
The video is directed by VK Singh and depicts unfulfilled love between a hopeful young couple against the backdrop of cultural expectations. Gurgulshan Singh is the voice behind the folk music of this golden era. With its unique composition and poetic vocals, the song aroused immense love from the audience.
“I was working on a simple chord pattern when I had Gurgulshan in my studio. I was laying these R&B style chords on an old Wurlitzer piano that became part of the song’s signature. I told him gave this chill laid back groove in his headphones and said, what do you think? and he just started singing Mai Teri Tu Mera over it. It was almost one of those things you accidentally trip over. The juxtaposition melody against those chords brought out a new feeling from an old track,” says music producer Janapriyan Levine
Multi-instrumentalist Janapriyan has a bunch of energizing Punjabi tracks under his belt. Being a versatile producer, he has collaborated with several diverse singers.

Expressing his feelings towards being a true Punjabi music lover, Janapriyan said, “There is nothing else on earth that swings like Punjabi music. funk, Punjab gave us swing, and the world is a better place for it. The grooves are completely contagious. Attend any Punjabi wedding or event where there is music, when the dhol and the tumbi kick in, everyone in the place starts dancing. In the early 2000s, bhangra was the biggest thing in New York clubs. Truly one of the coolest sounds in the planet.”
Janapriyan Levine has previously released “Tera Hua” with Vikalp Sharma and “Bajre Da Sitta” with Meenal Jain. He plans to make vibrant music videos every month on his YouTube channel, featuring singers from all over the world, especially India. He has a genuine and musical fan base on his YouTube channel and Instagram which shows his passion and determination towards his work. Janapriyan has established a goofy, respectful, subversive and all his own brand in the hybrid zone where musical cultures collide.
The song is streaming on Janapriyan’s YT channel and all audio streaming platforms
Mai Teri Tu Mera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkP7zNChYoo
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