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KUTZTOWN, Pennsylvania | With the lifting of COVID restrictions, most festivals are returning to normal this summer.

But one of the oldest in Berks County is still virtual, as organizers had to make the decision months ago.

For more than 70 years, people have come from all over the country to the Kutztown Folk Festival. But this year, organizers had to make the call months ago to connect for another year.

“So out of caution, we’ve decided to keep it virtual this year because we want our vendors, artisans, and guests to be safe, so we have another year of virtual programming coming up for the next few days,” he said. declared the Festival. spokesperson, Jillian Lovejoy.

So this year, instead of going to the fairgrounds, you can just go to your computer and check online. Especially the famous quilts which festival-goers say are always such a hit.

“A lot of people love quilts, so we have our online quilt store, so if you’re passionate about getting a quilt this year, you can always do it! Lovejoy said.

You can also watch past performances and demos if you’re feeling nostalgic. Because having to cancel really hurt the results.

You know it’s true that a lot of other festivals are live this year and we can’t wait to come back and that’s why we decided to do in-person events in the fall. We didn’t want to wait another year to see people, ”Lovejoy said.

They’ll be announcing the lineup for these events next week, but the quilt auction is certainly an event that organizers say will take place in October. The auction will start on 10/25.

For more information on all of the in-person fall events and virtual lineup starting Saturday and running through July 4, simply head over to their website.

Or visit the Festival’s Facebook page where you can also see many live demonstrations and some performances.

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