Kutztown Folk Festival returns to in-person activities


This week, the Kutztown Folk Festival is launching a series of fall events. Following virtual festivals in 2020 and 2021, we were determined to return this fall to deliver experiences rooted in our region’s rich history that also showcase vibrant local businesses, artists and artisans.

As the oldest continuing folk festival in America, we are committed to honoring the traditions of the Pennsylvania Dutch community. This week’s events celebrate folk art and artisans, local agriculture and traditional music, food and dance – with a modern twist. See www.kutztownfestival.com for the full program.

This week’s attendees will see many familiar faces, vendors, and activities, as well as new ones. Many of these events will take place on Main Street, bringing our city’s merchants into the festival. While this week’s events may be different in some ways, the purpose of the festival – to showcase the vibrant culture of the Pennsylvania Dutch – remains the same.

In 1950, nearly 25,000 people attended Kutztown’s first folklore festival. Recently it was named one of America’s most important celebrations by United States today and an unmissable event by The Washington Post. For more than 70 years, the festival has allowed visitors to discover the rich traditions of our region.

I am honored to lead this great event. Hope to have an amazing week and look forward to seeing everyone at the exhibition grounds again for the 2022 Kutztown Folk Festival in July.

Heather zimmerman
Director, Kutztown Folk Festival

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