Little Girl Joins Street Artists As They Perform Folk Dance In Karnataka, Internet Calls Her A Superstar



A heartwarming video that has gone viral shows a little girl performing a folk dance with a street performer in Udupi, Karnataka. Watch the viral video.

A little girl joins street performers as they perform a folk dance in Karnataka

Udupi: Little children know how to enjoy life because they have no inhibitions and express themselves openly. Such an adorable video of a little girl having an impromptu dance performance with street performers has Twitter thrilled. In the video, a girl joins street performers performing an Udupi folk dance from Karnataka. The video first shows a woman dancing with a little girl and honoring her performance by stringing a garland on her. The dancer then invites and encourages the girl to dance with him. After a few seconds, the girl enters the rhythm and imitates the dancers and dances with enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

The viral clip was posted on Twitter by tourist page Visit Udupi (@VisitUdupi), with a caption that read, “OMG! it’s super cute.

Watch the video here:

In a follow-up tweet, the page shares information about the folk dance. “Pili Vesha in “Tiger Masque” is a folk dance unique to the Karnataka coast. Here, young boys and men paint their bodies with yellow and brown stripes, wear a tiger mask on their faces, and dance to the rhythm drums Pili vesha is performed during Dasara and Krishna Janmastami.

A Twitter user commented on the video and wrote, “Don’t forget to watch and be mesmerized by Puli Vesham when you were a kid in Hyderabad too!!!! The days are over and street performers” another commented, “cute & wow at the same time. Most kids this age are afraid to look at their clothes, but this little girl danced with them. “The little girl is A! And kudos to the parents for instilling these traditions and values ​​in the children…”, commented a third.

Publication Date: Aug 16, 2022 2:27 PM IST

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