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Press release ; MFDU takes place every Thursday: 6-6.30 p.m. teaching, 6.30-9.45 p.m. request dance with DJ

LOCATION: (until September 15) Vilas Park Shelter, 1602 Vilas Park Drive; (after September 15) Gates of Heaven at James Madison Park

It’s amazing how many reasons people have for folk dancing! So you might give it a try and maybe find some surprisingly good reasons to keep going. It’s a low-risk adventure! Our summer dance house is at VILAS PARK SHELTER.

Come and go as you please. LGBT friendly. SUGGESTED DONATION $5-10 cash in the basket for accommodation costs, but you decide how much. Participation is what matters most. you must be FULLY VACCINATED (two rounds) to dance with us. Reassure other dancers by signing the VAX form in a white binder the first time you come.

Mask NOT required.

ACCESS ROAD: Vilas Park Drive is now two-way and CLOSED to cars at WEST END! So come from the east. For example: From Park St, go W on Drake; turn left on S Mills; pass St. Mary’s Hospital on your left; turn RIGHT on Wingra Drive to keep the creek on your LEFT; enter the parking lot on the right when the road is blocked.

CAR PARK Large open ground at the refuge.

WEBSITE has a calendar for the whole of 2022, as well as special events and general information. Questions? Ask Michael (608-469-2543 / [email protected]) about Madison Folk Dance Unlimited.

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