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The festival, which kicks off in Narva’s EV100 Park from midday Saturday, will be held in honor of the 120th anniversary of the birth of legendary Estonian folk dance teacher Ullo Toomi (1902 – 1983), with many dances performed on the day on those recorded in Toomi’s seminal 1950 book “Estonian Folk Dances” (Eest Rahvatantsud).

“We have ten Estonian folk dances, one Chuvash (Chuvashia Republic in central Russia – editor’s note) and one Ukrainian folk dance,” explained organizer Jaana Linno, who is also a communication specialist at Wild Stream, l Association of Young Volunteers of Ida-Viru County.

“It’s an integrative dance festival,” Linno said, adding that it was also important to mention that the event marks the 120th anniversary of Ullo Toomi’s birth.

Linno explained that the troupes involved were all quick to register their attendance at the festival. “They were the quickest to get in touch,” she explained. “But we would like to have more dance festivals in the future, with even more (groups) involved”,

Linno said the Chuvash dance troupe “Narspi”, which was scheduled to perform at the festival, has been extremely active in Narva’s cultural scene lately. “They have 12 people involved (in their group) so far, and they are really very active in trying to bring their business and their people to the forefront in Narva,” Linno said.

She was also keen to encourage more dancers to join this year’s event. “At the moment, 12 troops are registered,” Linno said. “And in fact, there is room for more”,

More information about the Narva Dance Festival (in Estonian), including how to register, can be found here.

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