NC Folk Festival is coming to downtown Greensboro next month


Next month, the North Carolina Folk Festival will fill downtown Greensboro for three days with music, crowds of music lovers and more.

The North Carolina Folk Festival will be held from Friday, September 9 through Sunday, September 11 and is free. However, attendees have the option to make donations to support the free event.

The North Carolina Folk Festival was created in 2018 to succeed the National Folk Festival which was held in Greensboro from 2015 to 2017.

Its mission is to honour, celebrate and share “the meaningful ways in which communities express their creativity and cultural traditions through music, dance, food, crafts and other folk arts to enhance the appreciation of diverse traditions and contribute to the vibrancy and inclusiveness of the community”.

The NC Folk Festival has announced three new artists for the 2022 event:

Kiko Villamizar, who was born in Miami and raised in his hometown and in Colombia. He performs and promotes traditional Colombian music with an emphasis on the Afro-Caribbean roots of cumbia, a rhythmic music and dance with Colombian roots.

Larry Bellorin grew up in Venezuela and plays the 4-string cuatro guitar type instrument and the llanear harp, an instrument native to northern South America.

Caleb Serrano is a young gospel artist from Greensboro. In keeping with the times we live in, his career started when a video of him singing at a religious event went viral on social media. During his short career, Serrano has shared the stage and toured with some of today’s biggest gospel stars and legends.

CEO and President of the NC Folk Festival, Amy Grossman, said in the press release, “We are thrilled to announce that three artists will join our exciting lineup for this year’s festival. Each of these artists shares elements of their cultural or religious identity through music and exemplifies the kinds of creative expressions and diverse traditions that we seek to honor and celebrate each year on our stages.

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