Photos: Southdowns Music Festival brings music and merriment to Bognor



Formerly known as Southdowns Folk Festival, the new Southdowns Music Festival has changed its name this year to reflect, according to chairman Roger Nash, “the growing range and diversity of music and dance on offer”.

This year’s event, which took place from September 22-25, made that diversity more evident than ever. With performances from bands like The Jigantics, The Men They Couldn’t Hang, The Leylines, and more, this year’s festival didn’t need any stellar acts.

But it wasn’t just about the performers. As always, this year’s festival was full of opportunities for audience members to try their hand at making music. Free music and dance workshops and sessions meant community engagement was at the center of this year’s festival, while a range of public performances gave everyone a chance to have fun.

Read on for all of our best photos, shot by Steve Robards, Neil Cooper and Lyn Philips.

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