Richmond Folk Festival poster by Richmond artist unveiled



But bouncing back to the 80s on Sunday.

New Richmond Folk Festival poster created by Richmond artist Cassandra Kim was unveiled Wednesday night at the Visual Arts Center in Richmond.

The new Folk Fest poster features a lively trio of animals dressed in vintage clothing and playing instruments.

Richmond artist Cassandra Kim with her 2022 Richmond Folk Festival poster.


“I enjoy working in acrylics and oils, and my pieces are animal-based paintings with a surreal touch, usually inspired by art from the past,” Kim told the Richmond Folk Festival.

“I wanted my poster to be my pop-surreal ode to some of my favorite illustrators. … The back circle has a Maxfield Parrish-style gradient,” she said, “and the James River Railroad Bridge below the circle plays off similar design elements I’ve seen in the illustrations for Leyendecker and Rockwell” on their covers of “The Saturday Evening Post.”

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She said the hardest part was drawing the “legs playing instruments”.

“I also love animals and love the challenge of painting them as a musical trio in stylish clothes,” she said.

Originally from Leesburg, Kim moved to Richmond to attend Virginia Commonwealth University’s art program. After graduating, she moved to Northern Virginia before returning to Richmond in 2013. She is married with 5-year-old twin daughters and says she is “constantly trying to balance painting with parenthood”.

Kim joins a strong pedigree of Virginia artists who created the Folk Fest poster, including Mickael Broth, Chris Milk and Hamilton Glass, to name a few.

The Richmond Folk Festival 2022 poster will be available for sale for $5 at Folk Fest on the Richmond Riverside from October 7-9.

It will also appear on cans of Richmond Folk Festival beer brewed by Hardywood Park Brewing Co.

The original works of art are also auctioned with the most recent offering at $1,600 at the time of this writing.

For more information, visit the Richmond Folk Festival website at

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