Rugala, a folk song contest marks the second day of Wangala



Toura, November 11: The Rugala ceremony along with the folk song contest marked the second day of the Wangala Hundred Drums Festival at the permanent site of the A’chik Heritage Village at Wangala A’dam in Chibragre, where opposition leader Mukul Mr. Sangma was the main guest.

Expressing his gratitude to the Wangala Hundred Drums Festival Committee for being able to organize the festival, Mukul M Sangma congratulated the committee members for choosing this wonderful site. Noting that the festival had been held for many years in Asanang but had to be moved due to various constraints, he thanked the concerned Nokma and clan members for generously donating the land. Recalling and acknowledging the immense contributions of the founding members of the committee, he said that despite the various challenges faced, they have brought this festival to its present state.

The Chairman of the Meghalaya State Commission for Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Ferlin CA Sangma, who participated as the guest of honour, and the Chairman of the Wangala Hundred Drums Festival Committee, Ronald Rikman Sangma, also spoke that day.

The highlight of the second day included “Rugala” which was performed by the Nokma (a village chief) where a special first-hand rice beer along with cooked rice and vegetables are given to Misi Saljong, the great donor. Apart from the rugala ceremony, the second day of the festival saw the Ajia Doroa and folk song contest held with the aim of promoting traditional music and musical instruments of the Garo tribe.

Other dignitaries who attended the second day included Rangsakona MLA, Zenith M Sangma, Salmanpara MLA, Winnerson Sangma, MDC, Sadiarani Sangma, Nokma Council Chairman, Skylance G Momin as well as district officials, members of the Wangala committee and tourists from home and abroad.

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