The Brooklyn Folk Festival gets off to an inspiring start



The Brooklyn Folk Festivalpresented by the Jalopy Theater and Music School at Sainte-Anne and the Church of the Holy Trinity presented a sparkling and eclectic program of music tonight. from Nashville Megg Farrel (pictured above) and his band had festival-goers clapping and dancing in St. Ann’s Church Hall with some upbeat rockabilly.

The opening act for performances on the main stage of St. Anne’s Shrine was the Voices of Ukrainian villages, a choir based in New York’s East Village, which is home to a large Ukrainian American community. They began with several traditional wedding songs, all of which ended with a loud “Ooooh!” A timely inclusion, albeit from years ago, was a song by a son about to join the army, whose mother assures him, “You’ll be back in three years. They ended with a catchy song about drinking together. I knew someone whose ancestry was half Irish and half Ukrainian, and he said the two parties got along well.
Nora Brown
Brooklyn’s Own Nora Brown performed traditional Appalachian and western ballads, some instrumental and some with vocals, showing her talent with banjo, guitar and as a singer. I first knew her as “Little Nora Brown”, a child banjo prodigy. She is now a very accomplished young musician.

There’s plenty to come on Saturday and Sunday. There is a full festival program here; you can buy tickets here.

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