The triumphant return of the Port Fairy Folk Festival


The Port Fairy Folk Festival returns triumphantly with large crowds packing its five stages for a lineup of international and local artists.

Kutcha Edwards on stage during the weekend return of the Port Fairy Folk Festival.Credit:

Organizers were delighted with the weekend’s capacity in the popular tourist town. Now in its 46th year, the festival had to be postponed last year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The festival is widely regarded as an important contributor to the local economy, attracting visitors from all over the country to the area, but the ‘Folkie’ also provides an important platform for artists from all walks of life in the Western District region. of Victoria.

This year’s event saw the Archie Roach Foundation’s First Stage host seminars and workshops featuring traditional owners Peek Whurrong and Gunditjmara, in addition to live music from local First Nations artists Lee Morgan, Amos Roach and Nola Lauch.

Festival Ambassador Derek Guille said age the last two years of Covid-19 restrictions had allowed the festival to focus much more on local artists. “There are a number of local players who are the future of the festival,” he said. “So yes, it’s in Port Fairy, but it’s also in Port Fairy. More than ever. »

Local legend Archie Roach and Mutti man Mutti Kutcha Edwards treated the audience to two of the festival’s most emotional sets on Sunday, after West Arnhem Land’s Black Rock Band and Emma Donovan and the Putbacks each packed the stage Shebeen Saturday night.

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Mississippi Hill Country blues artist Cedric Burnside and drummer Artemis Laseuer at the Port Fairy Folk Festival. Credit:

After performing at the Womadelaide festival in South Australia earlier in the long weekend, Edwards was hypnotic, raspy, poignant and cheeky for the first of his four sets and received the Entertainer of the Year award. of the festival after the set.

Local legend Roach, who recently performed with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in Melbourne, received sustained ovations before and after his thrilling and much-loved return to the festival. His New Track Performance A song left viewers with tears in their eyes.

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