Video: Florida woman performs Irish folk dance and ballet in award-winning sobriety test



According to WKRN:

A Florida sheriff’s office released footage of a woman who performed “several ballet and Irish folk dance moves” during a field sobriety test in late April.

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office deputies said the suspect, identified as a 38-year-old woman from Madeira Beach, flipped another vehicle about a mile from her home on April 27. When deputies arrived, they said the driver had shown several of the signs of impairment, including bloodshot, glassy eyes and dilated pupils.

In the newly released video, the deputy administering a field sobriety test can be heard giving instructions to the suspect. At one point, the woman responds, “Yeah, well, you sound like my ballet coach.”

The woman then took five steps down the line before moving into a ballet sequence.

I don’t respect anything about drunk driving and think you’re a selfish moron if you do, but what a move of absolute power. The blind faith of thinking a shaky triplet will impress the cops so much that you’ll get out of a DUI…unbelievable. But unfortunately it’s a dead giveaway as I can attest..

Almost everyone in the North East has at least one friend who took Irish dancing lessons as a child, and no doubt whenever he gets drunk he can’t help but remind you of it and make some moves even if the music doesn’t match. It’s a dead giveaway that they’ve crossed the threshold from buzzed to crappy.

Giphy pictures.

I’m sure those cops knew this long before she started strutting around the parking lot, but I love that they let her go if only for the fantastic body cam video. In the end, “she was charged with impaired driving causing property damage and refusing to submit to tests”. Cue a very sad dance.

It goes without saying, but let me wrap up with the video everyone immediately reads this thought (“step, bomp! step, bomp-bomp!”):

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