Watch: Siddaramaiah performs a folk dance in his village of Mysuru


A video of Siddaramaiah performing a folk dance in his home village of Siddaramana Hundi in Mysuru with other residents is widely shared.

While many know veteran Congressman and opposition leader in Karnataka Assembly Siddaramaiah as a fierce legislator, a surprising side of him – Siddaramaiah, the folk artist – emerges from time to time. In the latest case, a video of him performing a folk dance in his home village of Siddaramana Hundi in Mysuru with other residents, is widely shared.

The video shows Siddaramaiah, with a group of men believed to be his childhood friends, on the night of Thursday, March 24, as the lawmaker returned to his hometown for the annual ‘jaathre’ or festival. They are seen performing a choreographed folk dance while they and others around them are heard singing. The video also shows a massive crowd gathered around the band, as well as Siddaramaiah’s security details, watching the show unfold.

During Wednesday’s Assembly session, Siddaramaiah spoke of his attachment to his village, where he had traveled to attend the three-day Siddarameshwara festival. He reportedly spoke fondly of the connection between his name, his father’s name (Siddaramegowda) and their family deity Siddarameshwara, while responding to MP and Minor Irrigation Minister JC Madhuswamy. Also in the past, Siddaramaiah has talked about his roots as a folk artist and how he was part of a dance troupe that performed the folk dance “Janapada Kunitha”.

Watch Siddaramaiah perform at Siddaramanna Hundi ‘jaathre’:

The former Chief Minister of Karnataka has also mentioned in interviews that as a child, his parents did not encourage him to formally learn education and instead focused on learning the arts. However, it was one of her dance teachers who taught her to read and write in Kannada. Instead of a slate, the teacher helped Siddaramaiah learn the alphabet and grammar by writing them on sand. “In two years, he taught me the alphabet, grammar and much more. It’s something I can never forget,’ Siddaramaiah said, according to The New Indian Express.

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