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Showcasing the best that Australia has to offer this Easter long weekend, the national folk festival has unveiled its full schedule for 2022, and it’s an absolute smasher.

From April 14-18, over the Easter long weekend, Canberra will host the National Folk Festival and its host of musicians, performers and entertainers with four days of art in all its aspects.

Presented in 12 different venues across the fairgrounds, the program celebrates over 200 artists from across the country, paying special tribute to First Nations artists, folk and contemporary musicians, and family entertainment.

“For five days we will gather in our country’s capital, Canberra – an Ngunnawal word for ‘meeting place’ – and celebrate all things folk of our modern Australia,” said Katie Noonan, artistic director of the National Folk Festival. . “It’s a festival for absolutely everyone, young and old, and there are many ways to participate in our festival through our National Folk Family Choir and/or several workshops throughout the festival.”

Celebrating 55 years and 30 years in Ngunnawal country, the National Folk Festival will hit the charts this year, with more artists than you could ever imagine, activities to accompany and a real connection with the artists and musicians who thrive in our country. .

Discover the National Folklore Festival:

1. The connection to First Nations musicians in Australia.

For a festival that prides itself on being held in the lands of Ngunnawal country, the festival paid special attention to the voices that kept Australian history alive and presented a great way to connect us with First Nations musicians. On stage, the legendary Archie Roach, Yothu Yindi will share the 30th anniversary of their song “Treaty”, Uncle Sammy Butcher of the Warumpi Band, as well as many other musicians with their knowledge and history.

Check out “Took The Children Away” by National Folk Festival performer Archie Roach:


2. The absolutely huge line-up.

Wanting to go big this year, the National Folk Festival has a crazy amount of artists to put on the table, scoring over 200 in their line-up. Featuring beloved names like Emma Donovan and the Putbacks and Josh Pyke, as well as top up-and-coming artists, there won’t be a dull moment at the festival, that’s for sure.

Check out ‘Out The Door’ by Emma Donovan and the Putbacks:

Youtube videoPlayer

3. The large amount of talent on offer.

Sure, the lineup might be huge, but it’s worth noting just how talented the artists on the bill really are. Not only do you have ARIA Hall of Famers and winners like Archie Roach and All Our Exes Live In Texas, respectively, but you also have names that helped define entire eras, like Yothu Yindi and Kate Ceberano. This, of course, without going into granular detail. Pick any random name on the bill and try not to be surprised by what they bring to the table.

Check out “Melbourne We’ll Meet Outside” by the Little Stevies:

Youtube videoPlayer

4. The number of activities for the whole family.

Not just centered on adults, the National Folk Festival offers activities for even the smallest art lovers, with a huge amount of entertainment planned for children. With writing workshops for children, circus performances by Big Tops and Tiny Tots, and music tailor-made for them, the National Folk Festival ensures that even the smallest guests “find their folk”.

Discover the itinerary of the National Folk Festival for young and old:

national folk festival

April 14-18
Exhibition Grounds, Canberra, ACT
Tickets: national folk festival

40 degrees south
Afro Moses
Aine Tyrell
All of our exes live in Texas
All strings tied
Ami Williamson
Andrea Kirwin and the Yama-Nui Social Club
Australian Morris ring
Balkan buses
Banat Amar
Bandaluzia Flamenco
Bangladeshi folk group
Belswagger Morris
Great English session
big sky mountain
Bill Chambers
Bill Jackson
Joak Morris black dancers
black mountain rope
BMC Youth Bush Band
Brandragon Morris
Broadcaster Forum
Bruce Watson
Bush Capital Strip
Bush Music Club Inc.
Bush Traditions Settler Music Sessions
Cabbage Hats – A Story
Canberra Contra Club
Canberra Shanty Club
Cape Byron Celtic Dance
Capital Tea Dueling Society
Cassidy Rae
Cath Russell Children’s Music/How Many Homes
Catherine Britt
Celtic Pipe Club
Chloe and Jason Roweth
Cigany Weaver
Clairewood Matte
Comhaltas Melbourne
Coral Reid
Couple tea dance with dented short pots
Dancers Without Borders
David Hallette
Declan Kelly
Divide the range dancers
eagle and wolf
Easter morning church service
Emma Donovan and the Putbacks
Fabulous fan dancers
Trio of Fagans
farewell dance
Bush Festival Orchestra
Launch of Australia’s first songbook for women
Flamenco Center Canberra
Meaty Malay
Folk Alliance Australia
Canberra folk dance
Fred Smith
Gabrielle Journey Jones
Georgia Mooney
Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse
Global Mosaic – A Global Showcase of Fusion Dance
Green Mohair Suits
Greg Sheehan
Gregory North
Hannah Acfield
Hermits of the Haystack Mountains
Big Ace – Jeff Lang & Alison Ferrier
Irish Joe Lynch
Jacqui Malin
Jason Roweth
Jim and Ingrid Rehle Williams
Jo Davie
John Peel
Josh Pike
Judy Small
Jumptown Jammers
Justine Clark
Kate Ceberano
Kay Proudlove
Keith Wood and Pastrami on Ryebuck
Kelly Brouhaha
Kengugro Folklore Hungarian Australian Together
Music Kim Yang
curly king
Kristabelle and the Southern Jubilee Ringers
KUD Razigrana
bulb improvement
Linsey Pollack
Lior & Domini – Hidden animal
small quirks
Lucy Wise and Stephen Taberner
Luke Plumb and Khalida de Ridder
Evil Webb and Kylie
Mally Moo Music 4 Minis
Martha Marlow
Maypole with Molly
Melanie Horsnell
Melbourne Colonial Dancers – Introduction to Australian bush dance
Melbourne Songwriters Collective
Billiards Melody
Trio by Miriam Lieberman
Moir & Co.
Montgomery Church
Moonlight Jug Band
Neil Murray
Nick Rheinberger
Old-fashioned tea dance, led by Norm Ellis of Traditional social dance
Omar Moussa
Oud Vibes
Paved bush strip
Penelope Swales and the Blocked assets
Philip’s dog
Phoenix Collective
Pico Puppet Palace
PNG Peroveta Singers Canberra
Queenie van de Zandt
Renee Stone
Riley Lee
Riley Lee and Cliona Molins
River Suite Orchestra
Robyn Archer
Robyn Sykes
Roger Holmes and his Beautiful assistants
Ruth Hazleton (with Luke Plumb & Fiona Steele)
Ruth O’Brien
Hi Jane
Samy Boucher
young trees
Sarah and Silas
Sarah Temporal
Savoyard dance
Together in their ways
Shake the chorus from the tree
Shane Lestideau
Shiny Bum Singers
Solid State Circus
Solidarity Choir
Songs of the Australian tradition
American Civil War Songs
Strange Time Chorus
String Violin with Kira Dowling
super rats
Surly Griffin Morris
Sydney English Country Dancers
Tenzin Choegyal
The bottlers
The light of dawn
the funky fairy
The Good Girl Song Project
The Hauptmann Trio
The Heritage Ball – with the Victorian Heritage dance group
Little Stevies
The Maes
The Maggie Carty Group
The Mountain Dew Group
The Raglins
The frightening choir of men
The vegetable garden
The Water Runners
TSDAV Dance Composers Competition
Ukestral Voices
Death Squad Ukulele
Uncle Archie Roach
unexpected harmony Choral
URoC the Ukulele Republic of Canberra
warehouse circus
Warren Fahey
Welcome Dance – with Melbourne Colonial dancers
Well Hall English Dancers
With One Voice Australia
Woodford Festival Small rooms: with Jack Carty & Charme des Pinsons
Yothu Yindi
Yan and Emily
Zulya and the children of the Subway

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